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Struggling with dirt and grime? Looking for a parts washer service in Altona or a parts washer for sale in Altona?

Parts Washer operates from Altona, servicing Melbourne metropolitan and country, Victoria regions specializing in the sale, service and renting of part washers, hot tanks and solvent sinks.

The part washers are particularly well suited to automotive, heavy engineering and/or manufacturing businesses that need to remove grease or grime. The washers can readily be found in a wide range of industries where automated, high pressure cleaning of product is required using an eco-friendly alkaline based detergent.

Where can you use an industrial parts cleaner machine?

Parts Washers supplies a wide range of hot caustic tanks and solvent sinks. We also provide an after sales service to maintain your machine so that they continue to work efficiently for years to come. We can also assist with bespoke chemical solutions via our specialty chemical manufacturer for clients that have non-standard requirements.


Looking for an alternative to the following models? PartWashers can help.
AT10000 AT200 AT2000 AT400 A4000 AT5500 AT800 Cabinet Washer
Industrial Parts Washer Jet Washer Model 14 Model 16/30 Model 24 Model 34/44 Model 81 Parts Washer
PW40 Rotary Parts Washer S100M Safety Kleen 30.9 Safety Kleen 17.9 SS1100 SS1400 SS150 F
SS150 NF SS1612 SS179 F SS179 NF SS2020 SS80 F SS80 NF SS800
SW2-23 SW3216 TW1 TW2 TW3 TW4 TW5 TW6
TW7 TW8 TX2 TX3 TX4 TX5 TX7 Wash Pod

Buy High pressure parts washers for your industrial cleaning needs

    Rotary Washers for Sale
  • Improve your business productivity by investing in an industrial cleaner
  • Automated washing will save time and labour costs
  • Eco friendly cleaning that is cost effective
  • Remove grease and grime without tough scrubbing
  • Spare your employees from the risk and drudgery of manual cleaning

PartWashers offers alternatives to the following chemicals:

Chemicals In Stock!
Chemetall Defoamer Industrial Huntes TW20 KleenStrip Metall Clean 163LC Metall Clean 164PC Metall Spray 181P OzzyJuice
OzzyMat OzzyMat CRC ProDip ProMax ProSpray ProStrip Protech ShellSOL
Spraymax StripMax Stripper A2 TurboMax TurboWash ShellSOL VivaSOL

Why choose Parts washer service in Altona?

We offer an all-encompassing service wherein we sell, rent, service and maintain high pressure rotary washers. A typical parts washer cycle is 15-30 minutes compared to what can amount to hours of manual cleaning.

Give us a call today to obtain your obligation free quote. Whether you already have an old machine that you are looking to upgrade or you are looking for your first parts washer, give us a call and learn just how effective a part washer can be.

Better yet, see us in person!

We are a mobile business operating throughout Melbourne. We would be delighted to pop by when in your area. Feel free to send a text or use the above portal to arrange an appointment.

Why choose PartWashers?

We only use the latest machines, built to comply with all relevant Australian Standards. We will not be beaten on price or quality of service. Give us a call today to find out more about our range of equipment:



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