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Parts Washers: What's Included in a Service?

Although parts washers deliver an amazing automated cleaning solution, the effectiveness of the part washer is intricately linked to a number of factors. Failing to keep a machine serviced will certainly result in an inferior clean and in some instances could even damage parts and/or lead to them coming out of the machine dirty or showing signs of chemical residue. A well serviced machine should produce a cleaned part that requires no further preparation before being pressed back into service.

A full-service from PartWashers in Melbourne includes:

Safety Check

A full functional check that examines the key working parts of the machine including: Electrical control module (no tripped RCD, all switches operational, no external damage to cables and wires, all heating elements operational and working at rated capacity, jog function operational, pump working to rated capacity and a fully operational ESD switch); All safety interlocks checked to ensure they are operating correctly; turntable bearing checked and the drive gear clutch torqued within allowable limits; door latch adjusted, pneumatic lifters and door seal adjustment checked.

Waste Removal

All sludge and waste wash-water is removed from the machine and disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations via an accredited and licenced waste disposal facility. Waste disposal involves separating suspended solids from the wash-water before recycling and final disposal. All transport and disposal activity is documented in accordance with EPA regulations.


The spray bar jets will be cleared and the spray bar flushed of any debris accumulated during the cleaning process. The turntable will be lifted and the support bearing greased. Lifting the turntable then provides access to the sump and weir strainer which will also be removed and cleaned. Interior surfaces are then rinsed to remove any grime or residue. Exterior of the cabinet and control switches are also wiped down to remove surface grime.


Fresh sump water will then be added and dosed using TurboWash at the correct concentration for your particular application. The cost of TurboWash is included in the service fee. If additional or different chemicals are required, there may be additional costs.

PartWashers can also sell additional TurboWash powder to enable the customer to add chemicals in between service intervals. However, this practice may prove ineffective once the solution has reached saturation level due to either wash chemicals or grime that has been liberated during cleaning. The most effective and efficient outcome is more often achieved via a service.


Activity undertaken will be documented and provided to you before leaving. All waste disposal is also documented via EPA generated paperwork.


Safety is a core element of what we do at PartWashers. Consequently, when a machine is commissioned it includes a formal Safety Assessment of the site and your key staff will be offered training to complete adhoc pre-start safety checks as part of their equipment use.

PartWasher staff will always be equipped with appropriate PPE before they attend your site and we are happy to discuss any specific requirements that you may have.


We would be delighted to provide your staff with equipment training and all machines come with an Operator’s Handbook and a Fault Finding Flow Chart to help identify and correct simple problems such as when a safety interlock has been activated.

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