Hot Tanks 

HT 200

Platform (L x W mm) 740 x 380

Floor Space (L x W mm) 1020 x 790

Working Depth (mm) 430

Platform Raised (mm) 720

Max Load (kg) 75

Cylinder Diameter (mm) 50

Power Required 415V, 10A

Element Size 3 x 2.4Kw

Oil Skimmer N/A

Centrifugal Filter N/A

HT 400

Platform (L x W mm) 1000 x 600

Floor Space (L x W mm) 1260 x 1035

Working Depth (mm) 600

Platform Raised (mm) 860

Max Load (kg) 175

Cylinder Diameter (mm) 80

Power Required 415V, 10A

Element Size 3 x 2.4Kw

Oil Skimmer N/A

Centrifugal Filter N/A

HT 800

Platform (L x W mm) 1210 x 780

Floor Space (L x W mm) 1450 x 1450

Working Depth (mm) 60

Platform Raised (mm) 1000

Max Load (kg) 400

Cylinder Diameter (mm) 125

Power Required 415V, 20A

Element Size 3 x 3.6Kw

Oil Skimmer N/A

Centrifugal Filter Standard - can be removed

HT 2000

Platform (L x W mm) 1860 x 930

Floor Space (L x W mm) 2200 x 1650

Working Depth (mm) 700

Platform Raised (mm) 1100

Max Load (kg) 900

Cylinder Diameter (mm) 200

PPower Required 415V, 32A

Element Size 3 x 6Kw

Oil Skimmer Standard - can be removed

Centrifugal Filter Standard - can be removed

Other Information

Does you business need to remove grime and/or paint from hard to reach places such as oil galleries or other close tolerance areas? If yes, then a hot tank may just be the solution that you require.

2,000 kg load capacity

Larger machines than shown are also available which are capable of handling payloads of between 2,000kg - 4,000kg. We would be delighted to discuss any specific requirements that you may have, just give us a call.

Soak times will vary based upon the application, however they can be as short as 30 minutes. The parts are placed onto a large basket either using an overhead gantry or by hand and are then lowered into the solution before being agitated via a pneumatic driven ram.

Tanks are presently in service with a variety of customers ranging from dismantlers through to large mining, rail and marine component manufacture and overhaul operations.

The patented centrifugal filter that is fitted to the AT800 and larger models offers a major saving in chemical replacement with some customers claiming up to a 92% improvement.

Whether it involves cleaning ferrous or non-ferrous components, an agitating hot tank will be up to the task of saving your business money whilst improving operational efficiency. Brochure available here.

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We are a mobile business operating throughout Melbourne. We would be delighted to pop by when in your area. Feel free to send a text or use the above portal to arrange an appointment.

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