Solvent Sinks


Where manual cleaning of components is still utilised, PartWashers offer a robust and effective selection of sinks that we sell, rent and/or service.

All sinks utilise solvent (NovaSolv160) to cut through the heaviest of grime with ease.  NovaSolv is a laboratory produced solvent sourced from plants that is much safer than the more typically used narrow cut kerosene.  

There are two sizes which come in filtered and non filtered variants. There is also a pneumatic driven pump version without a light if preferred.

Key differences include:

  • Size of the sink basin and gauge of steel used
  • Capacity of solvent (more solvent typically extends service intervals)
  • Filtered or non filtered. Where a contamination free result is required, the filtered sinks are capable of removing particulate matter down to 3 microns in size.

All sinks allow for easy servicing as the sump and basin are hinged together with full access to the sump by simply tilting the sink up and backwards. There is no heavy lifting required during servicing, as is the case with the traditional solvent sinks that sit on top of a drum.

Models (Cat Spec Solvent Sinks)

Models #SS80NFSS80FSS150NFSS150F
Sink Inside Width800 mm800 mm1,370 mm1,370 mm
Sink Inside Depth540 mm540 mm600 mm600 mm
Sink Height950 mm950 mm950 mm950 mm
Metal Gauge1.61.633
Solvent Cap (Ltrs60 – 100 L60 – 100 L120-160 L120-160 L
Pump Output LPM10 LPM10 LPM10 LPM10 LPM
FiltrationNA3-25 micronNA3-25 micron
Light Fitted1122

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