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PartWashers is an Australian company based in Melbourne that sells, rents and services Australian manufactured automated part washers including hot spray washers, caustic hot tanks and solvent sinks. We also service customer owned machines in Melbourne and country Victoria. (* Note: we are unfortunately unable to service customer owned solvent sinks). 

We sell and rent equipment that complies with all relevant Australian Standards and we guarantee it will deliver a more efficient and effective clean than the old equipment that you are probably using right now.

In fact, if you are currently renting an old washer from a competitor, give us a call, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can get a better service using newer equipment for probably less than you are paying right now.

Our parts washers are well suited to a variety of industries including manufacturing, printing, automotive, heavy transport & overhaul, aerospace, maritime and rail, although they can be used by any business that has a need to clean items on a regular basis and wants to do it safely and efficiently.

What Are We About?

PartWashers was established with one very simple but important goal, to exceed our customer's expectations.

To that end, our mission is to provide a comprehensive offering that covers the sale, rental and after sales cleaning & services of automated Industrial Part Cleaners that is:


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Parts Washer for Sale Melbourne


Parts Washer Service Melbourne

Partwashers is a Melbourne based mobile business that specialises in selling, renting & servicing  part washers  /  rotary washers. 

The washers use hot water with specialised detergent and are particularly well suited to automotive, heavy engineering and/or manufacturing businesses that need to remove grease or grime and would like to do it with an  easy to use  automated system. The washers can clean more than just parts though and they have found service in a wide range of industries where automated, high pressure cleaning of product utilising a relatively environmental friendly water based alkaline detergent is desired. So whether you need to clean the 'hand holds' from an indoor climbing wall through to sanitary bins, it is very likely that PartWashers has a solution for your cleaning needs. Feel free to give us a call to see how we might be able to help.

Most businesses don't realise just how much time is spent cleaning their parts and/or equipment, time that often uses expensive labour assets that could be much better directed onto revenue creation rather than the unpleasant task of cleaning. PartWashers can provide you with an asset that is safer, faster, more effective and cheaper than manually cleaning your parts, guaranteed. If your business spends as little as 1 hour per day cleaning anything that fits into our machines, then PartWashers can help you  to save money  and boost your businesses productivity. Ask us how!

PartWashers can also supply  hot caustic tanks  and various models of solvent sinks. We will ensure that the machinery is kept working effectively as well as remove all waste and responsibly recycle or dispose of it via licenced waste facilities. We can even assist customers to develop bespoke  chemical solutions  using one of our speciality suppliers of premium chemicals.

PartWashers has business partners located in other states enabling us to provide you with national coverage if required and can even ship internationally. We look forward to assisting your business to shine.

We have access to a wide range of models. Allow us to assist you in finding the right fit for your business. Where stock is available, for a small fee to cover chemicals and waste disposal, we may be able to arrange an obligation free trial of a spray washer at your facility.

Better yet, see us in person!

We are a mobile business operating throughout Melbourne. We would be delighted to pop by when in your area. Feel free to send a text or use the above portal to arrange an appointment.

Why choose PartWashers?

We only use the latest machines, built to comply with all relevant Australian Standards. We will not be beaten on price or quality of service. Give us a call today to find out more about our range of equipment:



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